After not writing anything for the longest time, two blog entries in two days...............
Perhaps my lack of desire to write was cause by my boredom with the ingredients I was still being forced to use. The tail end of this long and cold winter left me feeling very uninspired.

That being said, as the seasons change, so does my mood and my inspiration..........I'm back & incredibly excited. Both to cook with the beautiful & bountiful spring produce and to share these new creations with you.

Warm Cauliflower & Rainbow Swiss Chard Salad with Toasted Bulgur

Most days when i wake up (at 5am), I have no idea what I will be preparing that day........Sounds crazy right. This would probably stress out even the most laid back chef. But, for some reason, I love the challenge of looking in my 3 refrigerators in the morning and trying to figure out what goes together. I am blessed to work for a wonderful company, that has put their faith and confidence in me and they are happy to eat whatever I decide to create that day.

You No Longer Have to Sacrifice Taste for Health!

Welcome to In Good Taste!
Our mission is to promote health and prevent disease by nourishing your body with delicious, decadent and whole foods.

Elyce truly believes that the food we eat fuels our mental, emotional and physical well being. She is determined to “spread the health” by encouraging people to eat delicious foods that nourish them and optimize their health.

Our meals are free of high-fructose corn syrup, bleached white flour, chemical preservatives, artificial colors and hydrogenated fats.